hello!:        the classic and above all positively connoted place that applies to human control over nature is the garden.
                   nowadays there are theorists and landscape architects who speak about a global garden - a place under full human control,
                   but with the utmost respect and responsibility of the gardener towards the life forms involved. (exc. press release for das gartencenter, 2021)

                    <ego eden 2, medizinhistorisches museum, hamburg, 2019

         vergessen, video installation at westwerk, hamburg
                  opening: 3. nov. 2022 19h / open through 14. nov. 2022
                  videoscreening: aus dem leben von plantfluencern, sun. 6. nov. 2022 18h
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         animalis prismatis at swing by / poolhaus, hamburg
                 opening: 14. jan. 2023

                 our most recent projects: das gartencenter, rainbow wonder lab (installation), zucht, geoengineering und ordnung