belvedere – ein naturgemälde
installation 2016

#science #installation #botany #landscape

man can change the course of things in one direction,
but the universal dynamisms remain incomprehensible.

a belvedere is a viewpoint in an italian renessance garden. from this point the view
can wander over the garden, but in the distance the boundaries between the garden
and the surrounding wild nature are blurred. alexander von humboldt called
this total impression: "naturgemälde" (= natural tableau).
here the garden is a plant laboratory. iris-a-maz created an artificial climate in an
already excisting hut. plants from the already existing seed bank and various
horticultural specimens are observed in their growth: a laboratory experiment with
approximately 100% humidity and a lighting as in the lower layers of the tropical rainforests.

the installation was developed in the period march - august 2016 – presented during ms artville & ms dockville festival

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