orbis subviridis
object (acrylic paint/wood) 2013-2016

#color #landscape #science #photography #object

since 2016 we use the enlarged orbis subviridis for color measurements of landscapes
left: 53°12'34.2"N 10°48'24.4“E, delta 53° – 2016/03/11 12:19:58; right: 52°09'28.3"N 7°10'58.6"E – 2016/09/09 14:47:00

exhibition view at kunstraum tosterglope – left: the original orbis subviridis (kabinett in the foreground); right: the measurement of the landscape
and borealis, the object to orient to north

an enlargement of a colour card used on our expedition to australia in 2013 – to define the greens of plants and objects
shown at substantueller einfluss, bayer erholungs haus, leverkusen 2015

system of reference, digital photography 2013

there is a free publication about this project: more informations here
this work has been supported by: stiftung bayer kultur, kunstraum tosterglope, stiftung niedersachsen, lüneburgischer landschaftsverband, gianna schade

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