back from paradise - we are scientists
video installation/photo 2007-2009

#science #installation #botany #photography

exhibition views of back from paradise at künstlerhaus vorwerkstift (2009)

"On an expedition the scientist collects incredible amounts of information and specimens, some
of which are looted from their places of origin. Back from the expedition, the collected material is
treated in an almost bureaucratic manner. It is examined, analyzed and categorized. The specimens
are cut into pieces which fit into the cultivated structure of contemporary science."
(excerpt of the press release)

all works are part of the paradise is over the ocean series started during our expedition to sydney.
the two video installations where supported by pact zollverein essen and contained audio art
by diffus (hamburg) and sonic loupe (berlin).

we are scientists a text by maz in context to our presentation (german).

one-channel-version of back from paradise II

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