on the hunt for the global player
video installation/herbarium 2007

#science #botany #installation

our expedition to sydney 2006-2007 gave us the chance to compare the urban
of the australian continent with the collected species in european
cities. we had realized, that urban vegetations are consisting mostly of
neophytes. and there was no diffrence to this in the sydney agglomeration area.
we focused on the socalled global player. there were capsella bursa-pastoris,
poa annua, ailanthus altissima to name just a few. at the royal botanic gardens
we found a source with the first list of introduced plants of sydney from 1803.
one of them is euphorbia peplus, specimen 06-002 of our herbarium sydney.

excerpt of the 3channel video_59,1mb

in january 2007 we presented on the hunt for the global player at firstdraft gallery

in search for paradise a text by julian wrigley in context to our presentation
on the hunt for the global player is part of the paradise is over the ocean series

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