interventions/video/performances/talks/installation 2004

#installation #botany #intervention

de-realize karlsruhe badischer kunstverein karlsruhe

during the exhibition de-realize karlsruhe at badischer kunstverein in 2004 we operated as the activist
group eichblattguerilla. our interventions took part in the urban areas of karlsruhe. we collected seeds
of wildflowers and weeds an spreaded them in different urban biotopes. whole plants were hijacked from
gardens, parks and wastelands and displayed at the exhibition.
during the exhibition eichblattguerilla took part in organizing debates about urbanism, held by büro für
at badischer kunstverein. after the exhibition, the displayed plants were implanted at new
places around the city.

de-realize karlsruhe was curated by badischer kunstverein karlsruhe
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