my bonny lies over the ocean
video/photo/performance/installations 2002/2003

#installation #performance

my bonny lies over the ocean is the title of a whole series of video- and photo
performances. the series was produced during irisa holsteins exchange term
at cofa sydney. irisa worked in australia and at the same time maz hederer
worked in germany. after 5 month maz visited irisa in sydney and they fused
their material. the result were 4 installations and 2 live performances in sydney,
dresden and karlsruhe.

my bonny lies over the ocean 1 at space3 in sydney

while irisa is kissing the walls of the installation maz has already returned to
germany. from there he is calling diffrent visitors of the opening, sings the popular
phrases: "my bonny is over the ocean" and asks them to pass the phone to irisa.

my bonny lies over the ocean 3 at pieschener kunstverein in dresden

one of the videos screened in the installations: flagvogue
the song my bonny lies over the ocean as it was played in the installations

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