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orbis subviridis, exhibition publication and color card for calibrating scientific photographs
produced by kunstraum tosterglope, curated by mascha pöhls
... there are a few left, so mail us if interested in a sample.
Orbis subviridis

beobachtungen, iris-a-maz catalogue 2010-2014 <<check it out!

lots of things happened 2014 – among others: two appearances in katalogues (p/art and bremer kunstfrühling) and a picture
in the feulleton of die zeit (unfortunately on the web it is without the pic – in the print version there was one of our kabinett works next to a drawing by emil nolde! see here)


kabinett iris-a-maz, art book edition, 20 copies <<check it out!

über die arbeitspraxis von iris-a-maz, a text by mascha pöls, berlin 2011 (germ.)
global player - wie aus unkräutern die flora der stadt wurde a text by matthias hederer published at urban spacemag #3, 2011 (germ.)

expeditionen our first catalogue published by ausnahmeverlag, hamburg 2010 (germ.) <<sold out!
eine eindeutige angelegenheit published in balkon&garten #39 2010 <<sold out!

prototype #2 published in balkon&garten #36 2009 <<sold out!
the photo series on the hunt for the global player in the e-mag invisible city #4 2009
die gullies von sydney an expedition report by matthias hederer, published at biotope city journal 2009 (germ.)
iris-a-maz manifesto 2007/2009

in search for paradise a text by julian wrigley in context to our show on the hunt for the globl player in sydney 2007 (engl.)

herbae urbanae a text by steffen jay oesterreich in context to the exhibition herbae urbanae 2006 (germ.)
wissenschaftliche fiktion, realität und inszenierte räume a text by anna-sophia reichelt 2006 (germ.)

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